• What image do you want to project?

  • Do you want to wear the latest trends but aren't sure it they are right for you?

  • Are you going through a lifestyle change?  Getting back into the workforce?  Dating again?

  • Have you ever stood in front of your closet and told yourself you had nothing to wear?

  • Do you need help in filling in the gaps to make your wardrobe complete?

  • Have you ever bought a blouse or pair of slacks that you loved only to discover when you got it home you couldn't find anything to go with it so, you still haven't worn it?

  • Have you ever put on that gorgeous suit or dress but weren't sure which shoes looked best?

  • Have you ever been so unsure as to how to accessorize your outfit that you just didn't?

  • Do you need someone to tell you what looks best on you?  Do you need someone to go shopping with you to help you pick out that special ensemble for that special occasion?

  • Do you need your closet organized so you can see what's really in there?

With a Personal Wardrobe Consultation, I will help you with these problems and more. 

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